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Deployment Bundle

Already got your marksmanship skills down?  Tired of shooting in a static position? Ready to get off the "X"?  But you don't want to break the bank on training?  Then train with us.


For intermediate shooters we recommend this Deployment Bundle that will cover 2 Fundamental classes, Advanced Handgun Deployment, and Rifle Deployment Drills (Advanced).  If you purchase this deal, the Fundamentals courses must be the first classes taken, no exceptions.


Classes included and their normal prices are as folllows:

$160 Fundamentals of Handgun Deployment

$160 Advanced Handgun Deployment

$210 Fundamentals of Rifle Deployment

$160 Rifle Deployment Drills


That's $690 worth of training!


With this Marksmanship Bundle deal, save $190!  This makes each class $125 each.  This is a fantastic deal that you won't see anywhere else.


That's not all. With this deal, you become a member and can repeat any course offering for only $60* (range fee) forever.


Now's the time to train.  Save some money, and train with us.


Student Requirements: **

  • Age minimum 21 years
  • Bring your own guns and ammo (see each course for requirements)
  • Bring your own gear
  • Bring your own lunch and water
  • Bring your own ear and eye protection


How to schedule your classes:

After you purchase we will email you your own unique coupon code to sign up for classes (please allow 1 day to process). You will only be able to use the code once per included class.  After you have completed all your classes, we will send you another coupon code to use for returning for additional classes.


*  Dependent on Range Facility's current range fee.

** Are you quailifed for these courses? Click here to find out.

Deployment Bundle

SKU: Bundle2
  • Fundamentals of Handgun Deployment
  • Handgun Competition Drills
  • Fundamentals of Rifle Deployment
  • Rifle Deployment Drills
  • $50* for addtional classes... forever.
  • Free calshooting t-shirt
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