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Rifle Deployment Drills

For the intermediate carbine shooter who has taken our Fundamentals of Rifle Deployment course (or equivalent), hone in the skills you just learned by running through different drills and scenarios.  This challenging and dynamic drills course is designed to introduce you to a more realistic mindset of shooting in stressful situations.

(Caution: heavy cardio training involved in this course)


Course Overview:

  • Snaps
  • Static Drills
  • Positions
  • Secondary Deployment
  • Movement
  • Displacement Cover Drills (Barricades)
  • Dynamic Drills


Student Requirments:

  • Age Minimum: 18 years
  • CSA Fundamentals of Rifle Deployment completion (or provide a certificate of training from an established Firearms Training School) *
  • Any rifle you provide must be either featureless California legal, or a legally registered AW. Proof of registration or featureless may be requested prior to class.
  • Bring your own lunch
  • An open mind!


Course Location:

Burro Canyon Shooting Park

22100 East Fork Road

Azusa, California 91702



Selecting the Available Course Date will show you which Private Bay to go to on the day of training.  Go to the Contacts page to download maps of Burro Canyon.


If there are no available dates, or you don't see a date that matches your schedule, please contact us via email at  We can see about rescheduling a day just for you!


Course Length:

1-Day (7 hours)
Start time: 0900 hrs

Course length and difficulty is dependent upon the students’ performance and the instructor’s observation of the students’ physical and athletic abilities.  Certain drills may be modified or removed for safety purposes.
email: info@calshooting for more information or inquiries.


* Are you qualified for this course? Click here to find out.

Rifle Deployment Drills

  • Bring your own gun and ammo
  • 500 rounds minimum, FMJ only please (no steel projectiles)
  • Rifle sling
  • 3 magazines minimum
  • At least 2 magazine pouches
  • Handgun + 100 rounds minimum (for secondary deployment)
  • Dump pouch (recommended, but optional)
  • Plate Carrier / Belt Rig (optional)
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