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Who are we?

We are a group of NRA-certified civilian instructors who enjoy firearms, and want to increase the accessibility of world-class firearms training to all law-abiding individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity for personalized instruction and coaching.


CSA is focused on developing and delivering world-class firearms instructional programs and events to you, your friends, and your families.

We introduce new people to firearms by providing a non-threatening, fun and engaging learning environment that emphasizes safety while establishing solid fundamental skills. For shooters with some firearms experience, we strive to strengthen and refine your foundational marksmanship and handling skills. Accomplished shooters will be challenged to excel “to the next level” with our courses and drills, ensuring you are safely pressed to and beyond your current point of failure with personalized attention.


  • To develop and provide the highest quality firearms instruction to you, period.

  • To grow the shooting community by introducing novice shooters to the shooting sports.

  • To advocate, encourage, and promote responsible firearms ownership.

  • To provide and educate the public with factual information about firearms devoid of politics and free of propaganda, often correcting misinformation and dispelling myths associated with firearms and the shooting sports.


Rolan Castaneda is an NRA Certified Instructor and the primary instructor for California Shooting Academy with over 20 years of firearms training and experience.  He has trained with the best including TFTT, IMTT, Top Gun, Artemis Defense Institute, and unofficial training with LASD and the USMC.   He is not here to make a ton of money.  That's why our prices are dirt cheap, and you'll still get the same quality instruction without the yelling and shouting from other militant instructors.  We are civilians just like you.  We understand this can get expensive, so train with us, and let us help you work on improving your skills without breaking the bank.


Lastly, our services are intended for lawful educational purposes. We wish to make our classes accessible to as wide an audience as possible. That said, all persons enrolled in our courses must meet all legal requirements as prescribed by current state and federal regulations. We reserve the right to withhold our services and deny admission to any person that does not meet these requirements and/or is evaluated to be of questionable moral character.

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