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The preferred method of communication is via email. This includes but is not limited to registration, enrollment, cancellations, refunds, reschedules, transfers, and general inquiries.




All natural persons (defined as natural vs non-natural : corporations, business associations, partnerships, societies, trusts, or any other entity including governmental) must meet all requirements listed below excluding the “Restrictions” list to reserve and participate in any CSA course or event. Those persons that infringe on any restriction(s) may attend only upon approval from CSA (granted on a case by case basis).

2 forms of identification – one must be a photo id (no exceptions), the other must establish (current, w/n 90 days) residency, Valid driver’s license (or other photo ID, e.g. valid passport) and utility bill w/n 90 days or vehicle registration.

CSA reserves the right to deny admission to anyone regardless of the fact that they’ve met all eligibility requirements.



pregnant women,
children less than 7 years of age,
felons convicted of violent crimes,
fugitives from justice,

persons with mental health illness issue(s),
persons that are intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol,
persons that are unlawful users of narcotics, depressants, stimulants, or other controlled substances;
persons (determined by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority) that are a danger to themselves or others,
persons deemed incompetent to mange their own affairs,
persons adjudicated (by court or other authority) mentally deficient and/or have been committed to a mental institution,
persons with a dishonorable discharge from the armed forces,
persons under a restraining order barring harassing, stalking, or threatening of others,
persons convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence,
persons that have renounced their United States citizenship,
persons that are not legal residents of the United States,
persons that are prohibited from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm (by a court or other lawful authority),
persons that encourage or promote insurgency or other subversive actions against local, state, or federal authorities and laws,
persons that pose a threat to or have denounced the United States of America,
non-natural persons (corporations, business associations, partnerships, societies, trusts, or any other entity including governmental)


Foreigners and tourists with valid passports may attend our classes/events.


Background Checks:

We reserve the right to run a background check on any participant(s) that wish to attend our classes/events.



Seats are available on a first come first serve basis. Students may register at any time for any course that has open seats.



Registration is open the moment a course is listed on our calendar, it is a formal request to reserve a seat in a event three or more months prior to that event’s date. This does not guarantee the reservation, the student is still responsible for tuition to be rendered two months prior the event’s actual date. If tuition is not rendered by the two months date, then the registration is cancelled and the seat returns to an open status. Register here.



Enrollment is when the student has rendered payment (in full) for tuition for a class/event. Enrollment guarantees your seat in the class. An email is sent when you have successfully enrolled. Registration is closed when enrollment has been fulfilled. Check the status of your enrollment here.



Classes/Events are closed (unavailable) 3 days prior to the date of the class/event.  This is to ensure we have enough ammunition and materials to run the class/event.  If you’d like to attend with family/a friend and didn’t make enrollment in time, feel free to contact us to see if we can accommodate your request.


Media Release:

CSA may at their discretion take photographs and video for commercial use.  By attending our classes/events, you are in fact agreeing to and willingly allowing CSA to use your image and likeness for any and all unrestricted uses including but not limited to: advertising, marketing, promotional, and/or testimonials.  Despite this implicit agreement, CSA will always respect their patrons wishes if they choose not to be digitally published.  If there is an image, video, or other multimedia that you feel uncomfortable with, dislike, or for any other reason wish to be removed from this site, please contact us immediately.

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