Private Training - Family

Training for the family!


$400 minimum up to 4 shooters.  Addtional shooters $50 each up to 4 more shooters for a total of 8 shooters.


Training day will be customized for your family's needs.  You bring your guns and ammo, and we'll provide targets and other training equipment.


If you own a gun for self defense, it is your responsibility to train!


Course Overview:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Warm up
  • Gear Talk
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Email us to customize your day!


Student Requirments:

  • Age Minimum: 16 years
  • Bring your own lunch/water
  • Wear pants (recommended, as you will be doing positions on the ground)
  • Wear shoes that can handle dirt and rocks (no exceptions!)
  • Knee pads (optional)
  • Eye and Ear protection (we can provide for an additional $3)
  • and an open mind!


Course Location:

Burro Canyon Shooting Park

22100 East Fork Road

Azusa, California 91702



Selecting the Available Course Date will show you which Private Bay to go to on the day of training.  Go to the Contacts page to download maps of Burro Canyon.


If there are no available dates, or you don't see a date that matches your schedule, please contact us via email at  We can see about rescheduling a day just for you!


Course Length:

1-Day (7 hours)
Start time: 0900 hrs

Course length and difficulty is dependent upon the students’ performance and the instructor’s observation of the students’ physical and athletic abilities.  Certain drills may be modified or removed for safety purposes.


email: info@calshooting for more information or inquiries.

Private Training - Family

Available Course Dates
Additional Shooter
  • Bring your own gun and ammo
  • 100 rounds minimum per shooter, FMJ only please (no steel projectiles)
  • 3 Magazines minimum
  • Belt Rig with holster and 2 magazine pouches (optional but recommended)
  • Dump Pouch (optional but highly recommended)
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